CobraSportsNet Has Arrived!

December 15th, 2009

Welcome to CobrasportsNet! We have been planning this debut for almost two years, but on the 15th of December 2009, we finally went onto the server. For us, this was a pretty exciting day! As we go forward, you'll be treated to podcasts of as many Parkland College sports events as we have the opportunity and people-power to produce. And in the fall of 2010, we will debut something else that we are pretty excited about: our newest course, COM 150 - Sports Broadcasting. Parkland College continues to take the lead in communication education and training with this break-through course built around digital field production and studio post production of sports of all kinds. For students who want to add sports broadcasting to their resumes while developing and expanding skills in play-by-play, editing, interviewing, technology, and promotion, this is your shot!

And, by using the Parkland independent study option, students won't have to wait until Fall. We will offer Sports Broadcasting as an independent study (IND 288) for up to three credit hours, beginning in January 2010. CobraSports.Net is looking for motivated and sincere students who are willing to do the backstage work necessary for their on-stage work to shine. We also welcome University of Illinois students to our project as well. For more information, contact Steve Brown, Professor Emeritus: